Sunday, June 28, 2009


Is it wrong to be happy when your best friends is miserable? I hate it but, she is so depressed and I am, well, not. It is not natural, I'm not used to it. I just guess I just wish we could be happy together. When we both got crushed by differant guys we were miserable together, but I wish we could both be just happy together, we were in 7th grade, but now she is sad and I hate it. I just want 7th grade back, I want it to be like that again.
Here, I have exactly what I want freshman year to be for us, I know it is wistful thinking and utterly impossible, but hey, I can dream.

1.We love our teachers and classes.
2.We meet awsome sophmores we absolutely love, and they love us.
3. We do silly girl stuff before a big dance (homecoming, winter formal, ect.) and get awsome dresses and all that silly crap. Then we go to these silly dances with our group of friends, and dance because we won't be wearing heels so we would be able to dance. (Yes maggie if you are reading this I will not wear heels, they are death traps)
4.She gets wonderfull revenge on that idiot. (maggie you know who)
5. I continue to be my lovely geeky self.
6. She becomes popular but does not leave her old friends.
7. We get awsome grades, and rock out in track and cross (I won't because I'm no good at sports, but oh well)
8. Lots of other good stuff.

This is a short post but hey, I've been writing all day, I need a semi-break.
So an eary goodbye.
And Maggie, don't be sad, everything is good cuz we have a rocket ship. He is dumb, you are not, live, be happy, adue.

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