Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Humans make me mad

Have you ever been completely and totally wrong about someone? Like everything you thought about them was just utterly and completely wrong? Well it can make you feel like a real idiot let me tell you.

It can be both good and bad. For example the good kind- You didn't really know someone, but thought they were weird/jerk/freak (or think of anything else, it doesn't matter this is an example) Then you get to know them and realize they are pretty cool.
This does not happen often enough.

Then there is the really crappy version. The version that happens wayyyy to often. You think someone is pretty cool/really nice/ your friend. Then you realize, weather it is by getting to know them, or being betrayed by them, being treated badly by them, or anything really, that they suck.

Sometimes I wish things were simpler. If someone hated you, you would know. If someone loved you, you would know. I hate secrets and lies, and betrayals and hurt. It is a waste of time and energy. If someone didn't want to be your friend anymore why couldn't they just say so instead of going behind your back and being cruel?

If you found out someone liked you why can't you show a little compassion. I'm not saying like them back, you can't force that. Just be nice, talk to them, don't treat them like a freaking leper as soon as you find out.

I just wish that in this world people could have a little human decency, be a little more caring more loving, more understanding, more tolerant. If people could just treat other people decently! I'm not talking about donating all your life savings to charity or becoming a saint, just to do the small favor of not being cruel to people! Just to treat them like they are human beings, just to be DECENT!

I am just fuming right now, it makes me so mad how cruel people can be, just for the sake of being cruel. I mean what is the point? We are all people.

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