Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've decided that yes, I will post part of the letter I sent to Stephanie Meyer. Read and tell me what you think, if you agree with my views or not.

You say in your website you are not an anti-feminist, and that Bella is only weak because she is surrounded by super-strong people. I understand this but I still think Bella is weak, not physically but mentally. Throughout the entire series I never really knew her. I knew she loved Edward, but does she have anything besides him? Interests, hobbies, things she feels strongly about, dreams, hopes, ambitions? Does she have anything but him? It was displayed perfectly in new moon, when he left she was empty. My mother and father love each other unconditionally, but if my dad left my mom would continue to live her life. She is confident enough and strong enough to survive on her own. She loves him with all her heart but she is still her own person. I don’t sense this confidence in Bella.

Also she is always second guessing herself, everything she says and everything she does. She is constantly thinking, “Wait did I say something wrong? Does he still love me?” She should’t have to base all her decisions on what she thinks will please Edward, she should be her own person and be whoever she wants to be.

Bella is not very confident. She second guesses herself and she puts herself down. She does not love herself. I don’t think you can truly love someone until you love yourself. I know I am not the most beautiful girl in the world but that does not mean that I don’t love myself. I am who I am and that’s what matters. Okay, Rosalie is more beautiful than Bella, but that does not mean she does not ‘deserve’ Edward. No one is better than anyone else, and she should not let herself believe Edward is so much better than her, that she is the lucky one. This is, in my opinion, a sign of a weak person.

Actually I like the minor characters much more that the protagonists, Seth, Leah, Jasper, the wolf pack, and Alice all top Bella on Edward on my favorite characters list. They have depth, a background, a life, interests, loves, dreams. They seem like their own complete person, unlike Bella and Edward. I hate the idea that a person is only a half; that they cannot exist without their match. Love does not work like that. I am not in love but I know I am my own person, my own being, with hopes and dreams and a future, with or without a love. I can be complete without having a husband, or a love, or anything.

In the long run I would say I am on team Jacob. Bella is able to talk to him, to be around him without constantly saying, “Oh my; did I say something wrong?” she is able to be his friend. I don’t think Bella and Edward are friends. They don’t even know each other. He asked her bunches of questions about her, that’s all. That does not constitute knowing someone. Not in the entire series does it mention them just talking, just being together, sharing ideas, and getting to know one another. This happens with Jacob. I think he is good for her. My best friend and I (who is a guy by the way) talk to each other on the phone for hours, discussing our opinions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, theories and other things. Bella and Edward never do this.

And finally may I say that you created wonderful conflicts in this series. The plot line is good, the obstacles are interesting and hard to figure out a solution to. But in my opinion all of these lovely conflicts were not so much resolved as avoided in Breaking Dawn. For example: 1. There is the whole Bella becoming a vampire thing, right or wrong? Oh let’s make it so she has to become a vampire to survive and make this a non-issue. 2. Jacob loves Bella. Okay lets have there be an imprinting system so he can just stop loving her and be all fine and dandy, issue avoided. 3. To be with Edward Bella must sacrifice things, like kids, and not being with humans because of the crazy newborn thing ect. Okay lets have her be super resistant to humans, and lets have her be able to have a kid anyway. You see all these things she would have had to sacrifice, completely avoided!

I wish that the ending were not so perfect, that some things would have had to go wrong. It would have made it more real. The whole Breaking Dawn book seemed just to be made so everyone will have their fairy-tale ending, so everyone will get exactly what they want.

and yes, I actually sent this. Was it true or were my points void? Comment!


  1. about that whole "i talk to my guy friend on the phone forever" thing, it doesnt help your letter because you are just enforcing the fact that Jacob and Bella can sit and talk like friends. you arent in love with your gbf, youre just friends like bella and jacob. i dont think that part pertains to that section of the letter.

  2. Although I haven't read these books, I believe what you have written is true. Bella is weak, as you say, and unable to live her life without Edward. You think deeply about characters, don't you? I think it's good to make a connection with the protagonist, in order to enjoy the story.