Monday, June 29, 2009

My Fairy Tale Death

I am in a very bad mood. The saddest part is, all the reasons for me being in a bad mood are really really stupid.

1. I ordered a few pairs of jeans and some shorts from a magazine a week or so back, and I got them today. NONE OF IT FIT. I have gotten fat. I weigh 120 pounds and I am 14 years old, this is very very sad.

2. Cross country starts in 2 days and I haven't ran since track ended. Plus this is HIGH SCHOOL cross country, at WOODRIDGE, and MR. HOWARD is the coach. I can't run more than 2 miles to save my life right now, and freaking races are almost 3 miles. So i have concluded that I am going to die, so I will now plan my funeral.

None of this will ever happen but hey, I'm dead, I can dream it is happening. Actually I really don't care, I'm dead burn me and then do whatever. What does a dead girl care?

I want to be cremated, and I want most of my ashes scattered around the world, with some to be kept with my family. The ashes need to be in Greece, Rome, Venice, Paris, Hawaii, Chicago, Michigan, England, and as any other cool places as you could think of.

Okay here is the realm of impossibility, but hey, I'm creating my fairy tale death. Wow that sounds wrong.

I want a library built in my honor, with all my books donated to it, and I want everyone I know to donate books as well. Then my chest with my Harry Potter books will be considered sacred. Everyone will, instead of giving flowers, give a book or two at my wake to be donated to the library. In years it will grow huge, and will become famous and, and, and, I'm losing it aren't I?

Oh well, I'm off to look at a catalogue of jewelry I can't afford!

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  1. hey emiko! Please dont die. that would make me really sad :( and btw, keep looking for alter egos for all our friends so i can start filming soon lol.