Friday, June 26, 2009

The Cottage

I am excited for various different things.
1. I will get to go to the Renaissance fair soon. I know this is a dorky thing to like but I enjoy it so, oh well.
2. We are going to Michigan soon!
3. Well I guess I was only excited for two things. Sad.

But I must explain what Michigan is for me. There is a cabin there that my family has been going to for all of my life, most of my baby pictures are from there. But this is more than just a cabin we rent for a week, it is like my second home.

The cabin is owned by my mom's best friend's parents. They are like another set of grandparents, and their house is just up the driveway from the cottage. We go up there for breakfast all the time. Also I know everyone there, We usually have about 20 people shoved in a 2 bedroom cabin for labor day. All the people are like my other family. Paul, Mark, Cristine, Eddie, Ann, TJ, Maddie, Rick, Ali, Eve, Ed, Mary, Shuffle-bunny, Matt, Stephanie, and more. They are people I've known my whole life. My uncle Luke comes, but he is more like my brother.

The beach is only down a few steps (who am I kidding a lot of steps) and we swim all day in lake Michigan, no matter how cold it may be. Then at night we go down when it is pitch black, look at the stars, listen to the waves, and set of a butt-load of fireworks on 4th of July. I jump up and down on the sand, witch is always soft. Some of my best memories are there.

We go to Pickadels for ice cream, the only place in that has my favorite flavor, superman. Luke builds a HUGE sandcastle, trying to top the one he made last year every time. We play cards, we play munchkin, the parents get drunk, Rick eats moths, we all stay up forever and sleep til noon. My crazy mother gets up early to take her morning swim in the lake.

We bring our dogs then chase them down the beach whenever they see seagulls. We go to the dunes and ride on dune buggies at speeds to make you scream, we drive those dune buggies through huge puddles so we all get soaked. Everyone is afraid to ride with Luke because he drives like a madman. We all try to build a dam on the creek that runs into the lake, it usually stays for a few minuets. :-)

The best thing is, we have no agenda. We have been coming here for years, we know all about it. We can just relax and have fun. There is nothing we have to do, or have to see, we just relax. I love it there, some of my very best memories are in the Cottage. It is the best week of the summer, and I always come back with a killer tan. And soon, I shall be there.

To Summer!

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