Monday, June 29, 2009

My Fairy Tale Death

I am in a very bad mood. The saddest part is, all the reasons for me being in a bad mood are really really stupid.

1. I ordered a few pairs of jeans and some shorts from a magazine a week or so back, and I got them today. NONE OF IT FIT. I have gotten fat. I weigh 120 pounds and I am 14 years old, this is very very sad.

2. Cross country starts in 2 days and I haven't ran since track ended. Plus this is HIGH SCHOOL cross country, at WOODRIDGE, and MR. HOWARD is the coach. I can't run more than 2 miles to save my life right now, and freaking races are almost 3 miles. So i have concluded that I am going to die, so I will now plan my funeral.

None of this will ever happen but hey, I'm dead, I can dream it is happening. Actually I really don't care, I'm dead burn me and then do whatever. What does a dead girl care?

I want to be cremated, and I want most of my ashes scattered around the world, with some to be kept with my family. The ashes need to be in Greece, Rome, Venice, Paris, Hawaii, Chicago, Michigan, England, and as any other cool places as you could think of.

Okay here is the realm of impossibility, but hey, I'm creating my fairy tale death. Wow that sounds wrong.

I want a library built in my honor, with all my books donated to it, and I want everyone I know to donate books as well. Then my chest with my Harry Potter books will be considered sacred. Everyone will, instead of giving flowers, give a book or two at my wake to be donated to the library. In years it will grow huge, and will become famous and, and, and, I'm losing it aren't I?

Oh well, I'm off to look at a catalogue of jewelry I can't afford!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Is it wrong to be happy when your best friends is miserable? I hate it but, she is so depressed and I am, well, not. It is not natural, I'm not used to it. I just guess I just wish we could be happy together. When we both got crushed by differant guys we were miserable together, but I wish we could both be just happy together, we were in 7th grade, but now she is sad and I hate it. I just want 7th grade back, I want it to be like that again.
Here, I have exactly what I want freshman year to be for us, I know it is wistful thinking and utterly impossible, but hey, I can dream.

1.We love our teachers and classes.
2.We meet awsome sophmores we absolutely love, and they love us.
3. We do silly girl stuff before a big dance (homecoming, winter formal, ect.) and get awsome dresses and all that silly crap. Then we go to these silly dances with our group of friends, and dance because we won't be wearing heels so we would be able to dance. (Yes maggie if you are reading this I will not wear heels, they are death traps)
4.She gets wonderfull revenge on that idiot. (maggie you know who)
5. I continue to be my lovely geeky self.
6. She becomes popular but does not leave her old friends.
7. We get awsome grades, and rock out in track and cross (I won't because I'm no good at sports, but oh well)
8. Lots of other good stuff.

This is a short post but hey, I've been writing all day, I need a semi-break.
So an eary goodbye.
And Maggie, don't be sad, everything is good cuz we have a rocket ship. He is dumb, you are not, live, be happy, adue.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oreos should be served at fancy restaurants


Today is my parent's 17th anniversary, witch is good. I'm glad they love each other and are not divorced, but let me tell you the dinner was excruciating.

I was not informed beforehand that this was a fancy restaurant, and as soon as I stepped in the door I felt under-dressed. I got over that though thinking, hey, screw you fancy waiters in tuxes, who cares if I'm in flannel.
Then when you actually sit down the waiters hand you a menu in fancy cursive that is impossible to read, and everything is ungodly expensive. Everything sounds so complicated you have no idea what anything is, and when you ask your waiter what it is he just describes it in an even more complicated way. You end up ordering something you have no idea what it is. It usually turns out to have way to many freaky spices and stuff you don't even want to guess at on it.

Also after you order it takes the length of a bible for your food to come, and you get hungrier and hungrier. Then after you get the multiple courses (drinks, appetizer, main course, dessert, each takes just as long to be brought out to you.) the night is over and all you have to do is go home and play poker.

Oh oh oh! I forgot to tell you all about poker night.
Fact- it is impossible to get tired while playing poker.
My parents and uncle and I played poker from 9:30 until 2 in the morning last night. And even after that I was not the slightest bit tired. I ate so many stale but somehow still delicious Oreos last night I was sugar high. Then around 4 in the morning I crashed and needed rest. Then I slept till noon. It was awesome. I went trough fazes of winning all the chips in poker to losing it all, it was strange. For the life of me I cant remember if I was winning at the end.

But all in all, it was cool, Poker anyone?

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Cottage

I am excited for various different things.
1. I will get to go to the Renaissance fair soon. I know this is a dorky thing to like but I enjoy it so, oh well.
2. We are going to Michigan soon!
3. Well I guess I was only excited for two things. Sad.

But I must explain what Michigan is for me. There is a cabin there that my family has been going to for all of my life, most of my baby pictures are from there. But this is more than just a cabin we rent for a week, it is like my second home.

The cabin is owned by my mom's best friend's parents. They are like another set of grandparents, and their house is just up the driveway from the cottage. We go up there for breakfast all the time. Also I know everyone there, We usually have about 20 people shoved in a 2 bedroom cabin for labor day. All the people are like my other family. Paul, Mark, Cristine, Eddie, Ann, TJ, Maddie, Rick, Ali, Eve, Ed, Mary, Shuffle-bunny, Matt, Stephanie, and more. They are people I've known my whole life. My uncle Luke comes, but he is more like my brother.

The beach is only down a few steps (who am I kidding a lot of steps) and we swim all day in lake Michigan, no matter how cold it may be. Then at night we go down when it is pitch black, look at the stars, listen to the waves, and set of a butt-load of fireworks on 4th of July. I jump up and down on the sand, witch is always soft. Some of my best memories are there.

We go to Pickadels for ice cream, the only place in that has my favorite flavor, superman. Luke builds a HUGE sandcastle, trying to top the one he made last year every time. We play cards, we play munchkin, the parents get drunk, Rick eats moths, we all stay up forever and sleep til noon. My crazy mother gets up early to take her morning swim in the lake.

We bring our dogs then chase them down the beach whenever they see seagulls. We go to the dunes and ride on dune buggies at speeds to make you scream, we drive those dune buggies through huge puddles so we all get soaked. Everyone is afraid to ride with Luke because he drives like a madman. We all try to build a dam on the creek that runs into the lake, it usually stays for a few minuets. :-)

The best thing is, we have no agenda. We have been coming here for years, we know all about it. We can just relax and have fun. There is nothing we have to do, or have to see, we just relax. I love it there, some of my very best memories are in the Cottage. It is the best week of the summer, and I always come back with a killer tan. And soon, I shall be there.

To Summer!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Humans make me mad

Have you ever been completely and totally wrong about someone? Like everything you thought about them was just utterly and completely wrong? Well it can make you feel like a real idiot let me tell you.

It can be both good and bad. For example the good kind- You didn't really know someone, but thought they were weird/jerk/freak (or think of anything else, it doesn't matter this is an example) Then you get to know them and realize they are pretty cool.
This does not happen often enough.

Then there is the really crappy version. The version that happens wayyyy to often. You think someone is pretty cool/really nice/ your friend. Then you realize, weather it is by getting to know them, or being betrayed by them, being treated badly by them, or anything really, that they suck.

Sometimes I wish things were simpler. If someone hated you, you would know. If someone loved you, you would know. I hate secrets and lies, and betrayals and hurt. It is a waste of time and energy. If someone didn't want to be your friend anymore why couldn't they just say so instead of going behind your back and being cruel?

If you found out someone liked you why can't you show a little compassion. I'm not saying like them back, you can't force that. Just be nice, talk to them, don't treat them like a freaking leper as soon as you find out.

I just wish that in this world people could have a little human decency, be a little more caring more loving, more understanding, more tolerant. If people could just treat other people decently! I'm not talking about donating all your life savings to charity or becoming a saint, just to do the small favor of not being cruel to people! Just to treat them like they are human beings, just to be DECENT!

I am just fuming right now, it makes me so mad how cruel people can be, just for the sake of being cruel. I mean what is the point? We are all people.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've decided that yes, I will post part of the letter I sent to Stephanie Meyer. Read and tell me what you think, if you agree with my views or not.

You say in your website you are not an anti-feminist, and that Bella is only weak because she is surrounded by super-strong people. I understand this but I still think Bella is weak, not physically but mentally. Throughout the entire series I never really knew her. I knew she loved Edward, but does she have anything besides him? Interests, hobbies, things she feels strongly about, dreams, hopes, ambitions? Does she have anything but him? It was displayed perfectly in new moon, when he left she was empty. My mother and father love each other unconditionally, but if my dad left my mom would continue to live her life. She is confident enough and strong enough to survive on her own. She loves him with all her heart but she is still her own person. I don’t sense this confidence in Bella.

Also she is always second guessing herself, everything she says and everything she does. She is constantly thinking, “Wait did I say something wrong? Does he still love me?” She should’t have to base all her decisions on what she thinks will please Edward, she should be her own person and be whoever she wants to be.

Bella is not very confident. She second guesses herself and she puts herself down. She does not love herself. I don’t think you can truly love someone until you love yourself. I know I am not the most beautiful girl in the world but that does not mean that I don’t love myself. I am who I am and that’s what matters. Okay, Rosalie is more beautiful than Bella, but that does not mean she does not ‘deserve’ Edward. No one is better than anyone else, and she should not let herself believe Edward is so much better than her, that she is the lucky one. This is, in my opinion, a sign of a weak person.

Actually I like the minor characters much more that the protagonists, Seth, Leah, Jasper, the wolf pack, and Alice all top Bella on Edward on my favorite characters list. They have depth, a background, a life, interests, loves, dreams. They seem like their own complete person, unlike Bella and Edward. I hate the idea that a person is only a half; that they cannot exist without their match. Love does not work like that. I am not in love but I know I am my own person, my own being, with hopes and dreams and a future, with or without a love. I can be complete without having a husband, or a love, or anything.

In the long run I would say I am on team Jacob. Bella is able to talk to him, to be around him without constantly saying, “Oh my; did I say something wrong?” she is able to be his friend. I don’t think Bella and Edward are friends. They don’t even know each other. He asked her bunches of questions about her, that’s all. That does not constitute knowing someone. Not in the entire series does it mention them just talking, just being together, sharing ideas, and getting to know one another. This happens with Jacob. I think he is good for her. My best friend and I (who is a guy by the way) talk to each other on the phone for hours, discussing our opinions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, theories and other things. Bella and Edward never do this.

And finally may I say that you created wonderful conflicts in this series. The plot line is good, the obstacles are interesting and hard to figure out a solution to. But in my opinion all of these lovely conflicts were not so much resolved as avoided in Breaking Dawn. For example: 1. There is the whole Bella becoming a vampire thing, right or wrong? Oh let’s make it so she has to become a vampire to survive and make this a non-issue. 2. Jacob loves Bella. Okay lets have there be an imprinting system so he can just stop loving her and be all fine and dandy, issue avoided. 3. To be with Edward Bella must sacrifice things, like kids, and not being with humans because of the crazy newborn thing ect. Okay lets have her be super resistant to humans, and lets have her be able to have a kid anyway. You see all these things she would have had to sacrifice, completely avoided!

I wish that the ending were not so perfect, that some things would have had to go wrong. It would have made it more real. The whole Breaking Dawn book seemed just to be made so everyone will have their fairy-tale ending, so everyone will get exactly what they want.

and yes, I actually sent this. Was it true or were my points void? Comment!

Monday, June 22, 2009

And so we go

I haven't blogged in a few days because truth be told, I'm boring.
Also I have been busy re-reading the 6th Harry Potter book for the who-knows how many'th time. I must remember every detail about the book before the movie comes out. My family says I'm crazy and that re-reading the book will just make me hate the movie more when it is not exactly the same. My response is, "Well I won't hate it if they do it well and don't screw up my book!" To this is the ever-expected eye-roll, but I will not sway, however crazy I may be.

When I am reading a book I always get a lot of frustration because I can't do anything about what is happening in the story. I want to leap into the book and scream at Ron, "Stop hurting Hermione you jerk!" In the Percy Jackson series I want to strangle him and tell him to stop being a moron. I love both of these series and my frustration shows they are good. The book makes you feel, makes you cringe when a character does something wrong, makes you want to scream at them to do something else. This is a sign of a good book. Books I don't care about give me none of this. I could care less if the main character makes a mistake, or if they choose the wrong thing.

Also on an unrelated subject, all the movies that make people cry have no affect on me. Romeo and Juliet, didn't shed a tear. The Titanic, dry eyes. The notebook, I actually laughed my butt of while my friends cried (they decided I was a lost cause). But one movie that never fails, every time, no matter what to make me cry..... A Little Princess. No one cries at that, it ends happy for goodness sake, what is wrong with me? I have absolutely no idea. So far I get few comments but I can't help but say- list movies that make you cry in the comments.

And so we go. (If you don't get that reference read the Pendragon series)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I am a geek, and I like Star Trek

I have a confession to make, I went to see Star Trek, and I actually really liked it. And I like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, horrible chic flicks, and numerous other embarrassing things. So here it is, the sad truth: I AM A GEEK, AND WILL DO NOTHING TO CHANGE THAT. Actually, forget that last comment, I am a geek and am proud of it.Here is a list of some of my geeky qualities.

I go to Harry Potter events dressed like one of the characters and have no shame in it.

I read all day.

I can randomly quote almost any line from that 70s show and/or How I Met Your Mother.

I reference Greek mythology in everyday life.

I love the Lord Of The Ring movies

Nobody understands my jokes because they are all based on books only I've read.

I could go on with this list for several days, but I think you've got the picture. Tyler I know you read my blog and I give you permission to, nay encourage, you to post more of my geeky qualities in the comments, because I know you want too.

It is sad, really, that so many people are ashamed to like something, or at least admit you like something, because you find it would be embarrassing. If you love Hannah Montana, then just say so. If you dream of becoming a florist one day, don't hold it in. People make fun of me all the time for the things I like or don't, but truth be told that cannot change whether I like them or not. Too many people are hung-up on stereotypes and expectations. Many people feel that just because they are a certain type of person, that they can't do anything unlike that stereotype. Many people are surprised when they get to know me that I am more than grades and a emotionless geek. It surprises people when they find out I have a life, and sometimes- wait for it this is a shocker- can act normal.
Even more people are surprised that I have emotions, I laugh, I cry, I feel. I think some people at my school are under the impression that I am a robot.
And yes I am at this very moment trying to do the robot dance, no success.
Now farewell, adue, sionara, goodbye, post other words for goodbye in the comments.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am currently listening to the 7th Harry Potter book on tape. It is never quite the same as reading it, but my hands are free and I can do other things.

Does anyone ever get sucked into a book so much you forget for a while about your life? It happens to me with really good books. After the 6th Harry Potter book I was in a strange limbo. I felt like I was split between the two worlds, mine and theirs. I went into a semi-depression for about a week after I finished the book. I zoned out during the say thinking about possible things that could happen, how Harry could fix things. I wondered why Dumbeldore had to die, and all I did was think and think, and was sad. It took a week, an entire week before I could get it into my dysfunctional head that THIS WASN'T MY LIFE. It was a book, the characters were not me, I couldn't do anything for them. Only after I made this (seemingly obvious) realization was I able to come back from the book, to live my life again. This happened to me when I read the last book as well. People may think this is strange or silly, but it is me. I take books very seriously. They mean so much to me. I just wish that I had the ability to realize incredible books when they are right under my nose, and i also want to be able to realize when a book isn't worth my time.

If anyone knows an amazing book that I should read, put it in the comments.

On a completely un-related note my I would like to comment on something my Dad tells me constantly. Fact-The brain of a teenager is very similar to that brain of a schizophrenic person. Sooooo, all teenagers are insane?
Anyway, bye!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Latin Happy Endings

First before I say anything, I have Announcement:
I have attained the first Harry Potter book IN LATIN! Going into my 3rd year of Latin, this is very exciting for me because Latin is a dead language and I can't ever find anything that isn't the Iliad to read in Latin. So finding one of my favorite books in the world in my dead language is very cool.

Okay now onto the actual blog for today. I was watching 16 candles the other day, one of my favorite movies, and I was thinking, "Wow I can really relate to this." Then came the ending. The sickeningly wonderful perfect impossible ending. I love the movie don't get me wrong, but sometimes Happy endings bug me. Alot of them are so ludicrous and un-realistic. I happen to be a sucker for a good tragedy, like To Kill a Mockingbird, Macbeth, and many others.

I like many people my age, have read the Twilight series. ( I know, I know, they are terrible books and I don't like them anymore, but I read them) I dislike these books for many reasons. (I actually wrote a letter to Stephanie Meyer on how I think Bella is a horrible character, I might post it on this blog sometime, I'm still deciding) The book I hated the most out of all of them was the 4th and final book. There were many conflicts in the series but instead of solving them this book AVOIDED them. So in the end everyone got a perfect wonderful happy ending. Well kids THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE.

You may call me a hypocrite saying "Well Harry Potter ended happy, why do you still love Harry Potter?" Well Harry Potter did end happily, but not without cost. Many people died in the battle against Voldemort. It was not all perfect, everything didn't go smoothly. Don't get me wrong I bawled my eyes out when Lupin died, but it was just more real that way. I like books that make me feel something, and even if that feeling is crying and sobbing and cursing the author it is better than no feeling at all. At the end of twilight my thoughts were, "Oh just end already this is too long, die, don't die, who even cares."

I don't mind Happy endings so much I guess, just PERFECT endings. Because in life you can be Happy, but life is NEVER perfect.

And I thought of a good way to describe myself if I ever get a reader I don't know personally. Imagine Hermione Granger but Asian, and you've got me. Bye everyone!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Holding Grudges

I have an annoying habit of keeping grudges for a very long time.

If someone annoys me I guarantee I will stay annoyed until I hear a heart-felt apology. If someone is rude to me I will forever label them as a jerk and un-worth of my time. If anyone ever back-stabs/ betrays me, well lets just say friendship is no longer possible, in any universe or any time period.

This causes me problems. I am very, very, very, bad at forgiving people, and have a tendency to fume and scream and yell about them until I cool down, then I settle for hating them silently for a while. Depending on the magnitude of their crime, and the depth of our friendship, I may never forgive them. I don't give second chances very easily and I can't look past things at all.

My religious friends tell me this is very bad, (me never having been to church in my life) and that forgiveness is a virtue and that it is good to forgive and many other pieces of advice I cannot remember.

Whats worse though is that I don't try to make it up with them. I either: 1. ignore the problem and secretly hate them 2. Ignore them completely 3. Complain to my best friends how much I hate them 4. Blow up in their face.

My mother is all for the forgive strategy but I'm still not buying it. Why should I forgive someone who hurt me? It doesn't seem fair. They should beg my forgiveness for days until I grant them mercy. This would be great if any one actually cared what I thought, witch unfortunately they do not. I think that I should become a Greek god, and have people cower at the thought of upsetting me and give me lots of presents.

Well I'm off to the library to find the instruction manual on how to become a Greek god, bye everyone!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Superman and Middle school

I am finally out of middle school. I've been looking forward to this day since the first day of 6th grade. I wondered at first why I was never chosen as a guide to show new students around, or to be a mentor for 6th graders. Well now I've realized it, besides the fact I'm not very nice; I am not very good at lying to people. When you greet new students you are supposed to be very chipper and nice and tell them how much they are going to enjoy the school. I am not very good at that.
Approximate conversation I had with my 5th grade sister's friend:

Me: You are going into the worst 3 years of your life.
Her: Um, okay?
Me: Yeah, my advice is just to endure middle school and hope it ends soon.
Her: I've heard it's okay.
Me: Whoever said that was lying, middle school sucks trough and through.
Her: Were you like a geek or something? Is THAT why you hate it?
Me: I am a geek, proud of it.
Her: Okayyy, I've got to go....

I am like the magical zitar, I only speak the truth, (and if you don't understand that reference watch Moulin Rouge right now)

My 8th grade year was probably my worst, and best year. This makes no sense so I will explain. I had two separate lives in middle school, imagine me as Hannah Montana or Superman. (Except I cannot fly or sing)
My 8th grade year I walked over to the high school (conveniently across the street) for three classes. With a 9 period day, one of those nine being lunch, it was a big chunk of my life. I had a lot of good high school friends, and I loved my classes over there. This was the good part of my double life. That takes care of the 'best' part of my 8th grade year. Now onto the worst.
My time at the middle school was horrible. I hated it there, and I was miserable a lot of time. I was made fun of constantly for being a 'know-it-all' and a geek. That I could take, I've been labeled a know-it-all since the beginning of 3th grade, I'm used to it.
What sucked was how I couldn't talk to anyone about my time at the high school.

Me:Hey, guess what! Okay the funniest thing happened in journalism today...
Them: God, Emiko, why do you always bring up the high school? Just rub it in out faces that you take classes there, you are such a show-off.

This as you see, is entirely unfair. I was just talking about my life but was hated for it. Eventually I just kept quiet about the best part of my life. I practically lived for the time when I could escape the middle school and be with people who did not judge me, did not hate me. Even people who I thought were my friends got annoyed with me and did not talk to me anymore. There were only a few people I completely trusted at the middle school, and even they thought I was a show-off at times.

So like superman I couldn't even talk to Louis Lane about the other part of my life, (Louis Lane being my middle school friends) I was forced to assume 2 identities. My middle school persona, and my high school persona. Let me tell you my high school self was a much happier, more open person.

As you may have just noticed, I am obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology.
But anyway I will speak of other matters later.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harry Potter and Eskimos

Well here it is, my first post ever.
I would absolutely love to say my life is so fascinating and full of excitement that I needed to make a blog to display it to the world; but if I said that I would be lying. In truth, I'm just really bored.
So let me start by explaining a few things. First of all the title, I can see many curious people scratching their heads and wondering whether I am an Eskimo or not, or if I really live in an Igloo. Well friends I am sorry to disappoint you by saying that the answer is no. I am not an Eskimo but a Japanese American who has never been to Japan, and I don't live in an igloo I live in Ohio, ( a fact I resent very much). So, you ask, why is the title Eskimo's Igloo? Well My name is Emiko, and of course my lovely friends figured out is you mix up the letters and add an s, you get Eskimo. Unfortunately the name stuck. At first I rejected the name but have now come to embrace it, embarrassing or not.
Now on to other matters. As I mentioned I live in Ohio. I hate it here. I used to live in Chicago and would give almost anything to live there again. Trees are pretty and all, but I'm a city girl at heart.
These are the few loves I have in life:

1.Harry Potter. It is really sad when you realize you have never been in love with someone other than character's you read about in a book. Ronald you are the one for me!
3.Writing stories
4. Skiing
5. The Killers, and if you don't know who they are I suggest you look them up right away and listen to their music because if you haven't heard them you are missing out on a lot.
6.How i Met your Mother, and That 70's show.
7. Cookie Dough.
8. Other lovely things I cannot think of right now but will surely mention later.

I am currently out of school and basking in the glory of doing nothing. Next year I will be shipped off to high school, I will be a freshman -cue horror movie sound affects and music-. I would like nothing more than to read all summer but alas my parents want me to be athletic so I must go to Cross Country camp, an event I am dreading.
I wish I had something terribly interesting to say but oh well, I guess I will look back on my first post and say thoughtfully, "I really didn't have a life back then did I?"

Ah well, I must read for a while.
Goodbye readers! (if I have any)