Sunday, June 14, 2009

Harry Potter and Eskimos

Well here it is, my first post ever.
I would absolutely love to say my life is so fascinating and full of excitement that I needed to make a blog to display it to the world; but if I said that I would be lying. In truth, I'm just really bored.
So let me start by explaining a few things. First of all the title, I can see many curious people scratching their heads and wondering whether I am an Eskimo or not, or if I really live in an Igloo. Well friends I am sorry to disappoint you by saying that the answer is no. I am not an Eskimo but a Japanese American who has never been to Japan, and I don't live in an igloo I live in Ohio, ( a fact I resent very much). So, you ask, why is the title Eskimo's Igloo? Well My name is Emiko, and of course my lovely friends figured out is you mix up the letters and add an s, you get Eskimo. Unfortunately the name stuck. At first I rejected the name but have now come to embrace it, embarrassing or not.
Now on to other matters. As I mentioned I live in Ohio. I hate it here. I used to live in Chicago and would give almost anything to live there again. Trees are pretty and all, but I'm a city girl at heart.
These are the few loves I have in life:

1.Harry Potter. It is really sad when you realize you have never been in love with someone other than character's you read about in a book. Ronald you are the one for me!
3.Writing stories
4. Skiing
5. The Killers, and if you don't know who they are I suggest you look them up right away and listen to their music because if you haven't heard them you are missing out on a lot.
6.How i Met your Mother, and That 70's show.
7. Cookie Dough.
8. Other lovely things I cannot think of right now but will surely mention later.

I am currently out of school and basking in the glory of doing nothing. Next year I will be shipped off to high school, I will be a freshman -cue horror movie sound affects and music-. I would like nothing more than to read all summer but alas my parents want me to be athletic so I must go to Cross Country camp, an event I am dreading.
I wish I had something terribly interesting to say but oh well, I guess I will look back on my first post and say thoughtfully, "I really didn't have a life back then did I?"

Ah well, I must read for a while.
Goodbye readers! (if I have any)


  1. I think you'll look back on your first post and say thoughtfully, "Check ME out!"

    You're cool!