Monday, June 15, 2009

Superman and Middle school

I am finally out of middle school. I've been looking forward to this day since the first day of 6th grade. I wondered at first why I was never chosen as a guide to show new students around, or to be a mentor for 6th graders. Well now I've realized it, besides the fact I'm not very nice; I am not very good at lying to people. When you greet new students you are supposed to be very chipper and nice and tell them how much they are going to enjoy the school. I am not very good at that.
Approximate conversation I had with my 5th grade sister's friend:

Me: You are going into the worst 3 years of your life.
Her: Um, okay?
Me: Yeah, my advice is just to endure middle school and hope it ends soon.
Her: I've heard it's okay.
Me: Whoever said that was lying, middle school sucks trough and through.
Her: Were you like a geek or something? Is THAT why you hate it?
Me: I am a geek, proud of it.
Her: Okayyy, I've got to go....

I am like the magical zitar, I only speak the truth, (and if you don't understand that reference watch Moulin Rouge right now)

My 8th grade year was probably my worst, and best year. This makes no sense so I will explain. I had two separate lives in middle school, imagine me as Hannah Montana or Superman. (Except I cannot fly or sing)
My 8th grade year I walked over to the high school (conveniently across the street) for three classes. With a 9 period day, one of those nine being lunch, it was a big chunk of my life. I had a lot of good high school friends, and I loved my classes over there. This was the good part of my double life. That takes care of the 'best' part of my 8th grade year. Now onto the worst.
My time at the middle school was horrible. I hated it there, and I was miserable a lot of time. I was made fun of constantly for being a 'know-it-all' and a geek. That I could take, I've been labeled a know-it-all since the beginning of 3th grade, I'm used to it.
What sucked was how I couldn't talk to anyone about my time at the high school.

Me:Hey, guess what! Okay the funniest thing happened in journalism today...
Them: God, Emiko, why do you always bring up the high school? Just rub it in out faces that you take classes there, you are such a show-off.

This as you see, is entirely unfair. I was just talking about my life but was hated for it. Eventually I just kept quiet about the best part of my life. I practically lived for the time when I could escape the middle school and be with people who did not judge me, did not hate me. Even people who I thought were my friends got annoyed with me and did not talk to me anymore. There were only a few people I completely trusted at the middle school, and even they thought I was a show-off at times.

So like superman I couldn't even talk to Louis Lane about the other part of my life, (Louis Lane being my middle school friends) I was forced to assume 2 identities. My middle school persona, and my high school persona. Let me tell you my high school self was a much happier, more open person.

As you may have just noticed, I am obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology.
But anyway I will speak of other matters later.


  1. emiko u are so wrong. u just polluted that poor innocent girls mind. Middle school is the best three years of your life. youre growing up, facing new challenges, and learning so much about yourself. Just because you go through hard times doesnt mean it was bad. u learnied how to del with problems and people.

  2. Emiko!!!! Iokay i comment on way too many of oyur blogs but hey im youre number one fan so its just part of the routine. anyhoo, what the point of this comment is to say that you dont have to wory about jealous people being all mean about your high school classes cause we are freshman now!!!!!OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!