Monday, June 22, 2009

And so we go

I haven't blogged in a few days because truth be told, I'm boring.
Also I have been busy re-reading the 6th Harry Potter book for the who-knows how many'th time. I must remember every detail about the book before the movie comes out. My family says I'm crazy and that re-reading the book will just make me hate the movie more when it is not exactly the same. My response is, "Well I won't hate it if they do it well and don't screw up my book!" To this is the ever-expected eye-roll, but I will not sway, however crazy I may be.

When I am reading a book I always get a lot of frustration because I can't do anything about what is happening in the story. I want to leap into the book and scream at Ron, "Stop hurting Hermione you jerk!" In the Percy Jackson series I want to strangle him and tell him to stop being a moron. I love both of these series and my frustration shows they are good. The book makes you feel, makes you cringe when a character does something wrong, makes you want to scream at them to do something else. This is a sign of a good book. Books I don't care about give me none of this. I could care less if the main character makes a mistake, or if they choose the wrong thing.

Also on an unrelated subject, all the movies that make people cry have no affect on me. Romeo and Juliet, didn't shed a tear. The Titanic, dry eyes. The notebook, I actually laughed my butt of while my friends cried (they decided I was a lost cause). But one movie that never fails, every time, no matter what to make me cry..... A Little Princess. No one cries at that, it ends happy for goodness sake, what is wrong with me? I have absolutely no idea. So far I get few comments but I can't help but say- list movies that make you cry in the comments.

And so we go. (If you don't get that reference read the Pendragon series)


  1. Emiko!!!!! Haha umm its your bff jamie so you already know one of the movies that makes me cry.... the noteboook (which is overwhelmingly sweet and romantic) and movies where dogs die (i have a strange soft spot for dying animals. makes you wonder why in the world i would be a vet:). When i was younger cried whatching... okay we're just going too deep here so ill just stop its not like anyone bothers to read these comments anyway and you people dont care to read my life story sooo bye!

  2. It might just be me but i thought UP was really sad.

  3. I loved UP! it was an adorable movie, doug was the best part 'I was hiding under your porch because i love you!' amazing