Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am currently listening to the 7th Harry Potter book on tape. It is never quite the same as reading it, but my hands are free and I can do other things.

Does anyone ever get sucked into a book so much you forget for a while about your life? It happens to me with really good books. After the 6th Harry Potter book I was in a strange limbo. I felt like I was split between the two worlds, mine and theirs. I went into a semi-depression for about a week after I finished the book. I zoned out during the say thinking about possible things that could happen, how Harry could fix things. I wondered why Dumbeldore had to die, and all I did was think and think, and was sad. It took a week, an entire week before I could get it into my dysfunctional head that THIS WASN'T MY LIFE. It was a book, the characters were not me, I couldn't do anything for them. Only after I made this (seemingly obvious) realization was I able to come back from the book, to live my life again. This happened to me when I read the last book as well. People may think this is strange or silly, but it is me. I take books very seriously. They mean so much to me. I just wish that I had the ability to realize incredible books when they are right under my nose, and i also want to be able to realize when a book isn't worth my time.

If anyone knows an amazing book that I should read, put it in the comments.

On a completely un-related note my I would like to comment on something my Dad tells me constantly. Fact-The brain of a teenager is very similar to that brain of a schizophrenic person. Sooooo, all teenagers are insane?
Anyway, bye!

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