Friday, June 19, 2009

I am a geek, and I like Star Trek

I have a confession to make, I went to see Star Trek, and I actually really liked it. And I like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, horrible chic flicks, and numerous other embarrassing things. So here it is, the sad truth: I AM A GEEK, AND WILL DO NOTHING TO CHANGE THAT. Actually, forget that last comment, I am a geek and am proud of it.Here is a list of some of my geeky qualities.

I go to Harry Potter events dressed like one of the characters and have no shame in it.

I read all day.

I can randomly quote almost any line from that 70s show and/or How I Met Your Mother.

I reference Greek mythology in everyday life.

I love the Lord Of The Ring movies

Nobody understands my jokes because they are all based on books only I've read.

I could go on with this list for several days, but I think you've got the picture. Tyler I know you read my blog and I give you permission to, nay encourage, you to post more of my geeky qualities in the comments, because I know you want too.

It is sad, really, that so many people are ashamed to like something, or at least admit you like something, because you find it would be embarrassing. If you love Hannah Montana, then just say so. If you dream of becoming a florist one day, don't hold it in. People make fun of me all the time for the things I like or don't, but truth be told that cannot change whether I like them or not. Too many people are hung-up on stereotypes and expectations. Many people feel that just because they are a certain type of person, that they can't do anything unlike that stereotype. Many people are surprised when they get to know me that I am more than grades and a emotionless geek. It surprises people when they find out I have a life, and sometimes- wait for it this is a shocker- can act normal.
Even more people are surprised that I have emotions, I laugh, I cry, I feel. I think some people at my school are under the impression that I am a robot.
And yes I am at this very moment trying to do the robot dance, no success.
Now farewell, adue, sionara, goodbye, post other words for goodbye in the comments.

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  1. Youre right emiko! If i like hannah montana im going to say it loud and proud! I LOVE HANNAH MONTANA!!!!!! lol jk