Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Holding Grudges

I have an annoying habit of keeping grudges for a very long time.

If someone annoys me I guarantee I will stay annoyed until I hear a heart-felt apology. If someone is rude to me I will forever label them as a jerk and un-worth of my time. If anyone ever back-stabs/ betrays me, well lets just say friendship is no longer possible, in any universe or any time period.

This causes me problems. I am very, very, very, bad at forgiving people, and have a tendency to fume and scream and yell about them until I cool down, then I settle for hating them silently for a while. Depending on the magnitude of their crime, and the depth of our friendship, I may never forgive them. I don't give second chances very easily and I can't look past things at all.

My religious friends tell me this is very bad, (me never having been to church in my life) and that forgiveness is a virtue and that it is good to forgive and many other pieces of advice I cannot remember.

Whats worse though is that I don't try to make it up with them. I either: 1. ignore the problem and secretly hate them 2. Ignore them completely 3. Complain to my best friends how much I hate them 4. Blow up in their face.

My mother is all for the forgive strategy but I'm still not buying it. Why should I forgive someone who hurt me? It doesn't seem fair. They should beg my forgiveness for days until I grant them mercy. This would be great if any one actually cared what I thought, witch unfortunately they do not. I think that I should become a Greek god, and have people cower at the thought of upsetting me and give me lots of presents.

Well I'm off to the library to find the instruction manual on how to become a Greek god, bye everyone!


  1. Don't even act like you have no readers, little miss. Jess and I are already fans.

  2. once you find that book, can i borrow it? and ya, i'm with hayley and jess, i read ur blogs, and for the religious thing, u should listen (mostly for the lyrics) to 'ypu're wrong' bye NOFX, just search you're wrong on youtube, first vid