Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am going to disappear

Do you know that feeling where you eat way too much and then when you walk it swashes around in your stomach uncomfortably? I've got that right now and am not enjoying it.

In other news I am leaving for Iowa tomorrow for my grandparents 50th anniversary party. I really don't want to go. My Dad's side of the family does not like me, and spending a few days making awkward chit-chat while they fawn over my sister and ignore me is not really my idea of a good time. Hopefully by then I will have finally figured out how to become invisible, something I've been wanting to do for a very long time.

Also while I am gone I will be missing two parties, hosted by two of my best friends, (well the second one is a maybe) and I haven't hung out with them in a while due to the fact that band is every day, right smack dab in the middle of the day, making it impossible to do anything because we are being GRADED on coming to summer classes. I cant even begin to explain how wrong this is. My grade, on my actual report card, depends on me coming to band in SUMMER. Tell me, is this not completely and totally wrong?!?!?!?

Then as soon as I get back from Iowa (a freaking 10 hour drive) I will have to leave at 5 the next morning to go to the high school to get carted off to band camp. I have reason to be afraid, I've heard horrible things about band camp. Then I can relax for a week... and get carted off to cross country camp. Yes, the world hates me. A lot.

So I'm going to go, and try to forget about the fiasco that will be occurring soon enough. So, I will disappear for a week and a half, come back for a week, then disappear for another week. So this blog is going to be patchy, because I sincerely doubt it would be a good idea to bring a laptop to camp.

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