Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shaving Cream and Iowa

It seems like forever since I have blogged, I was gone for a while, Iowa, and band camp and so forth. But because I have no readers I know I was not missed.

But, to my intense surprise, I had fun, at band camp... Well actually the majority of the time there sucked, but the time not spent marching or playing made up for the approximately 8 hours a day spent in boredom.

Squad Olympics were really fun, Maggie and I did awesome at the 3-legged race. But the best part came after that, the legendary shaving cream fight. First off the seniors decorated all the freshman with shaving cream (us 3 freshman alto sax players were made into, what else, a saxophone) Then all hell broke loose. Everyone attacked each other with shaving cream. Lots of running, screaming, laughing, falling, and lots and lots of mess. By the end of it all we all had a coating of shaving cream an inch thick on us from head to toe. No joke. No one was even semi-recognizable, we looked like puffy ghosts. It was the most fun I've had in a very long time.

And because I am not recording these events in the order they happened I will go right along to the other fun nights of band camp. Skit night was great, the seniors did the greatest skit ever, I laughed and laughed and laughed. I am not going to describe it because I cannot capture it's hilarity in the perfect way it was portrayed.

Then, how can I forget, there was the band dance. Much different than any middle school dance I've ever been too let me tell you that. It was rather awkward because I am not social and not a very good dancer, but with friend's encouragement I did dance with a few people. I even had my very first slow dance (!)

Iowa was half-fun. I had a blast in Iowa city, I really, really like college towns, and because they both went there my parents gave me the insiders tour of the University of Iowa. And visiting my family after that... well I lived. But anywho I must go and watch 70s show, I am a fanatic


  1. emiko you do to have readers! okay, maybe not readers, but a reader! Its me, your bff jamie who youve forgotten about i bet since you have been all over the place while im sitting at home all by myself wqatching disney channel. yeah, thats right, feel sorry for me. while you go and have a ball with all our friends at cc camp, im sitting here, sad and alone. but yeah there is absolutely no point to me writing this except for the fact that I AM BORED!!!! did i mention that already?

  2. Ummm yeah I still think Iowa is the least important state, i mean honestly who cares. nothing happens there. Except corn apparently, which is a big deal to you. so yeah, i cant honestly think of one state less important then Iowa. I dont even know where it is< even its general area. just so you know.
    Yeah this is Jacob