Monday, August 24, 2009

Alas summer is almost over

Today is my last day of summer. That is the ultimate mood killer.

But today I went to the high school to find all my classes and try to open my locker. List of good news. 1. I know where all my classes are, and they are not horribly far apart or hard to get to or anything. 2. The teachers I've met so far seem pretty nice, no notorious evil teachers everyone hates. 3. I am not nervous or anything for high school, I practically was in high school the last few weeks of 8th grade.

But, alas, there is always a dark side. I got the one locker that nobody can open. I literally had 3 teachers try and help me and nothing worked. It is utterly broken. The custodians are going to try to fix it tonight before school but I don't have high hopes. Plus there were not enough lockers in the freshman hallway so I am in the junior hallway. Scary place to be.

And ironically last night, my last night of summer, I went to see 500 days of summer. It was hilarious at parts, and really really sad at others. It was a very good movie I recommend it to anyone who wants to see it. I loved the main character, he was awesome, and it just made me smile when I realized he was Cameron from 10 things I hate about you (one of my favorite movies of all time) Also he was exactly like my uncle. He dressed the same, acted the same, had the same mannerisms and quirks. I just hope that my uncle (going into his freshman year of college) doesn't have what happened to Tom happen to him.

Also you may have noticed in the second paragraph of this post I used the word alas. I did that a few days ago and was made fun of by all surrounding persons. Alas is an unusual word but I personally like it. It should be used in casual conversation. So alas alas alas. Just try and stop me.

But this is going to be a reasonably short post because I want to get all my goofing off and being dumb over with before school starts again.
Alas, I must depart.

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