Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cross country camp

I am back from cross country camp, and yes, I lived, and yes, I am as surprised as you are. But even more shocking was the fact that I actually had a lot of fun. It was a lot better than band camp, we had a lot more free time.

But, I am going to start describing the not-fun part. I hope anyone who reads my blog would know that the thing that I hate most is running. And it adds insult to injury that I am the worst on the team, a.k.a always freaking last. I didn't want to get up at 6 every morning and run 6 miles. It was not pleasant.

But then, we had the whole day to ourselves just to goof off and be around each other. I made a few new friends, I got closer with old ones, and just had fun being around people for a change. The cross country team is made up of the greatest people, they are all really nice and really cool. I hate running, but being on the team is worth it.

Some of the highlights of the trip include: The night walk, the Michel Jackson dance, the frozen t-shirt contest, and so much more. On the night walk the whole girl's team went out of the camp onto the roads that cut through the endless sea of cornfields around the camp. we laid down in the middle of the road and looked at the stars, and we all just kind of talked about the team, our goals, and we just chilled. (Because the camp is in east-Jesus nowhere there was no danger of being run over. I mean come on who wants to take a pleasure cruise down a road that leads to nowhere at night with corn everywhere?) It was a cool moment.

Also the girls team made up a dance for the talent show. In light of the King of pops death we decided to do a M.J. dance. We made a mix of some of him most famous songs and we took some of his best dance moves and made a dance that totally rocked. Tanya is a M.K. goddess I tell you, she can do his moves better than he can, and she taught us all how to make it look super cool.

Then there were tons of other activities and things that were a ton of fun, but you get the just of it. Also I wanted to ask about something. I know nobody reads this but I am asking for advice anyway. Is it bad to get your hopes up about something? I want something to happen, to finally work out. But i know if it doesn't work I am just going to be let down all the harder, do I hope or do I try to forget?

Anyway I am going to go eat, bye


  1. well emiko, my bff, since i kno what your talking about i say HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!