Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hibernation and Panic-Attacks

I ran 4 and a half miles today. I feel pretty happy about that. I know, I know, tons of super-runners are scratching their heads saying, "Why the heck is she happy about that? 4 and a half miles is nothing!" But for a 14 year old geek who does nothing but read usually this is an accomplishment. I was rained on and thoroughly wet, but that made it easier. I don't really enjoy running, like the act of moving one foot in front of the other, but being on a team is cool, and knowing that I am getting in better shape is cool too.

But this week is difficult, no other freshman are coming to the practices, and I feel invisible in the crowd of seniors and juniors. It is odd, it's like they are speaking a language I haven't been taught. It wasn't like this with my other upper-classman friends I made in journalism last year, we shared interests, they seemed to like me, and we could talk about stuff. In cross country I am invisible and un-noticed. It kind of sucks.

But onto other important matters. My best friend Stella had a Harry Potter panic-attack. She was forced to stop reading the Deathly Hallows, and had a minor meltdown. She freaked out and had to call me to calm down, and now is wondering if she will ever be at peace if she is not reading Harry Potter. I can sympathise. I don't show any outward signs of freaking out, but on the inside I wish that I was reading it, I wish I was in the book, I wish the series wouldn't have ended. I guess we are having a bad case of Harry Potter withdrawal. Tell me if this happens to any of you in the comments.

But I am in need of a really, really good book to read, any ideas? I just need to read! I need a distraction from my sucky life, I need to disappear into an amazing story. I need to enter someone else's life for a day or two. I might just sleep because it will be something to do. Wow, how sad is that? Is it possible for people to hibernate? Because hibernation sounds pretty good right now.

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