Monday, July 13, 2009

I return!

Yes, I am back from Michigan, and I have gotten my butt off the couch and have put down my book long enough to blog. I myself am impressed.

True to my prediction, Michigan was awesome. I love it there, just to sit on the beach and read, to swim in the lake, to chill out and play poker, and munchkin. It was so cool, my uncle Luke came, and so did my best friend Stella. A little info on them: Luke is my uncle, but is only 18 so he feels like my brother. We do out best to drive each other nuts at every opportunity, and are in a constant cycle of getting revenge for one thing or another. Stella has been my best friend since pre-school, but most unfortunately we don't see each other much because she lives in Chicago still. Imagine the coolest person ever, and you've got her. I was excited to get to hang out with her for a week, and it just made the trip that much better.

Also because of the recommendations from my Mom's friend Ann, and from Hayleyghoover, I am now hooked on the Jessica Darling series. I am on the last book, and I am afraid to finish it because I don't want it to end.

I am anxiously awaiting the release of Harry Potter. I need to stop getting so hyped for these movies because I am much too harsh of a critic. I love the books so much I am always disappointed that the movies are not perfect. Stella tells me to view them as a separate work, "Imagine you have never read the books, that this is purely a movie, and it makes it a better experience. It will never compare to the books, but that doesn't mean you have to hate it." Or, something of that sort. I have great difficultly with this, I just can't help being disappointed. For more proof of my stubbornness I am out rightly refusing to watch the 10 Things I Hate About You TV show. I love the movie, it is amazing. I say, why is there need to re-do something that is perfect? Stella, again, tried to talk some sense into me. "If you look at it just as a TV show it is enjoyable, but if you expect it to be the movie, you will just hate it. Of course it's not as good, but oh well." But I am still protesting the show, my stubbornness continues.

The same thing happens everywhere, every good old Disney movie has a horrible sequel made just so the sentimental people who loved the first one will see it. No movie can be left alone, it needs to be continued. It is annoying. And the movies that are not a sequel are either a re-make, or something based on the same principal that a million other movies are based off of. The same thing happens with books, very few are really original, they are just a mix-up of the same thing all other books are. There are no new ideas anymore. But, I must end my rant, I need food
Glad to be back!

(oh also, cross country starts tomorrow, I am going to die, I am dreading it, HELP ME!!!)

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