Thursday, July 23, 2009

I want it to snow

It is very frustrating and discouraging to try really hard at something you know you will never be good at. I will never be a very good runner, I don't have any natural talent. I try and try at cross country, but I know I will always be last on the team. Mostly I am running to stay in shape and be healthy, but it is kind of hard when in every practice I am being passed by everyone.

The only sport I enjoy, the only spot I am good at, is skiing, and most unfortunately it happens to be summer right now. Not the best time for skiing. I could stay out on the slopes all day, well if I didn't get cold. Also skiing is something that in my opinion is great for just being by yourself. I meet lots of interesting people on the ski lifts, and then I can just race down, and, crap it is finally summer vacation and all I want is for it to snow.

I am completely changing the subject, so try to keep up, this blog is going to jump around a lot. (And I don't mean just this post, but like the entire blog in general) I have been in a very bad mood for the past few days and to say so myself have been doing a great job at hiding it. I am not even going to go into the reasons for my un-happiness because it is too complicated.

I have also been having a very busy week. I go to band for two hours every day, and then to cross country soon after on certain days. I am very tired, and very done with the world. I think that I am just going to end this post now because I am making absolutely no sense at all and it would benefit everyone if I just shut up.

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