Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am both looking forward too, and dreading the rest of the day. I get to see Harry Potter at midnight with my friend Jacob- good. I have cross country in an hour and a half- very very bad.

I dread the start of the season with a fiery passion, I despise running, and I despise organized sports. The only reason I actually participate in such madness is the simple fact that I'm forced to. I would never willingly participate in any sport except skiing. My mother forces me to do cross country and track because I don't engage in any physical activity at all, (with the exception of skiing but that is winter) So she say I must run to stay in shape and be healthy. That is all fine and dandy but..... I HATE IT.

I am no good at running, I am going to be the worst on the high school team because I was the worst on the 8th grade girl's team. I am not a distance runner, I am a sprinter. But I have to go to practice, so I will finish this when I return.
1 cross country practice and 1 shower later

I remember vividly why I hate to run. It sucks. And hurts. And it's hard. But I will say no more of the 4 miles of hell, I will go on to more important matters.

I am so excited, I hope it is good, but I mustn't get my hopes up too far or I will be let down in a huge sticky pile of yuckyness.
Oh Oh, on that subject I was highly disappointed in the last Jessica Darling novel, I loved the first 4 so much I was so disappointed at how bad the 5th one was. I didn't like how the author switched writing styles right at the end, and that the book only took place over a day, instead of 1 or more years like the others.

But I am to excited to write very much so I am just going to end this blog here, bye everyone!

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