Sunday, September 13, 2009

Homecoming and School

I am so shocked by the simple fact that... I don't hate highschool so far. Actually, I am enjoying myself. I am much busier and have much less free time but the time spent in school mor doing activities is sooo much more fun. I like allmost all my teachers and my classes are pretty fun, Biology and English denfining themselves as my favorite classes. Also I am no longer stuck with just my class, I get to hang out with upperclassman. Now I get to hang out with the freshman I like, all my friends, and I also have a group of sophmore friends I really like as well. I don't have to deal with the people who were mean to me in middle school. They were jerks and now they don't matter, I have really wasome friends who I love and nobody else matters.
Also I got asked to homecoming by a really cool guy and his friends invited me to go with their group, and because of that I became friends with all of them too! It really rocks.

And my extracurricular activities (band, >>--cc-->) sometimes get overwhelming and hard to balance but there are good parts as well. I have complained in this blog often how much I hate running, and meets and cross country and general. People always ask me, "Why not just quit?" Well people I will give you my answer- Firstly I like being in shape and being thin, and with my love of brownies running is essential so I don't weigh a million pounds, secondly I made a commitment to the team and I cannot go back on that. Also I love the CC girls, they are all so nice and supportive. It feels really good to be part of a team, and have all these cool people be there for you and cheering you on. Its hard to explain so I will tell you a story, gather round:

It is the last mile of mile repeats, I am the last person as usual and all the other girls have finished their mile repeats. I am tired, it is hot. After my first lap (there were 3 in this particular course) I hear footsteps behind me, the whole girls team is behind me. At first I am irritated thinking, "Crap coach is making us run another one?" But instead of speeding by me they run up to me and yell encouragement. Some girls run a bit ahead and hold out their hand so I have to run up and give them a high five. They run the next lap and a half with me, not because they had to, but because they wanted to help their teammate. Coach didn't tell them too, they just wanted to help me. At the end of that mile I sprinted full out to the end, and my time was a minuet faster than all of my other miles. No matter how hard it is, no matter how terrible I am I can't quit on something like that. Also when I sprint the end of races and while I pant and gasp for air I think to myself "I couldn't have run that any faster, I have that my all." Even though my legs feel like jello, there is no better feeling.

Band is similar, do I really want to run straight from CC practice to band practice Wednesdays and stay at the school until 9 at night? No I don't. But story time again! At the football game Friday I was in a really bad mood, just really down (to long of a story to explain why, just go with it) I don't know how they organized this without my notice but when the band started to play "Hey Baby" everyone around me turned around and sang it to me. They told me after that I looked really sad and they wanted to cheer me up. Some of them were juniors and seniors who I didn't even know, but everyone around me joined in. It made my bad mood disappear and brought me back from the verge of tears and made me laugh and laugh. My whole day was better after that. And that my blog readers is why I am in band.

I think that is enough description for now, I apologize for the in-frequency of my posts, I am very busy. Hopefully I will be able to get a better grip on things and start blogging more often.

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